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TOVE ♥ SIRI – the artist

I come from northern Norway. Drive as far north as you can and then take a left!
There you will find Andenes, the town I that come from. After art school I did some travelling.

Karate was an important aspect of my life, as well as making art.
And so it has been throughout my adult life.

I ended up in Stockholm where, as a mother of three, I have worked and developed as an artist.
My work now encompasses sculpture, painting and printmaking.

For years I have also reached a broader public as an illustrator of books, magazines and newspapers.

In recent years I have participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions
in galleries and art halls in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and Russia.

I’ve had solo shows in Sweden in:
Piteå Konsthall, Karlskoga Konsthall and Väsby Konsthall.

In Russia I had three big solo shows, The Art Hall in Cherepovets, the National Museum, Kazan
and in the prestigious MÀRS Gallery of Contemporary Art, Moskva.