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I come from northern Norway. Drive as far north as you can and then take a left! There you will find Andenes, the town I that come from. After art school I did some travelling. Karate was an important aspect of my life, as well as making art. And so it has been throughout my adult life.

I ended up in Stockholm where, as a mother of three, I have worked and developed as an artist. My work now encompasses sculpture, painting and printmaking. For years I have also reached a broader public as illustrator of books, magazines and newspapers.

In recent years I have participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions in galleries and art halls in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and Russia.


Besides making art I also love martial arts and I started doing karate in 1981 in my hometown of Andenes. My life changed from that first moment in the dojo and karate became an important part of my life.

I’ve visited Japan many, many times and I am a long-time karate instructor. In 2013 and 2014 I lived in Japan, where I studied karate and the Japanese language and culture.


Yoga claims to improve health and happiness, and for me it certainly has! Since my first visit to the little yoga studio Villavi in Stocksund, back in 2008, I’ve been practicing yoga almost every day.

Yoga is for me a way of living, a lifestyle that makes me a humble, flexible, stable and relaxed person. In 2013 I became an international certified yoga teacher of Hatha Yoga.


MindToBody has helped me go through big challenges in my life. To me, this unique method is magical!

MindToBody is using the capacity of the mind to reach the power of the body. Through these designed techniques and forms, you have the opportunity to balance out and get natural clarity. The result is stronger self-confidence, self-esteem and a willingness to take steps in the direction you really want to go in life.